As you finish reading this sentence, billions of new images and videos have been added into time immemorial. Here are few such photographs that I chose to capture and share, much like everyone on the digital network.

However, every image I have made reflects a part of my endeavour to understand society, politics,caste,race and much more through this medium. Little did I know that photography could alter the way I could think, feel and live.

It’s been over a decade since my tryst with photography. As digital photography became common place, I was among the early adopters. Graduating quickly from two-mega pixel mobile phone camera, to an eight-mega pixel point-shoot camera and eventually to a twelve-mega pixel DSLR, all within two years. It was exciting. I had discovered a form of expression I was gifted with. Over time I experimented with several types of photography. Each image helped me understand the meaning within and beyond it. Around this time, I had also unsuccessfully tried to read Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag. Learning never ceased. Gradually, I moved towards producing short documentaries for non profit organizations.

Eventually, I found myself studying media and cultural studies. I was able to read much more than Barthes and Sontag. I could engage with works of John Berger, Harold Innis, Gilles Deleuze, Jose Van Dijck, Lev Manovich and several other scholars. Whilst exploring the meaning and discourse around digital images, specifically the software or software development involved in it, I was able to produce my research output in my masters thesis titled, ‘Sharing Control? Algorithmic Image Production and Consumption.’ Additionally, I scripted and co-directed a documentary weaving the nuances of identity, livelihood and aesthetics through the lens of two diverse image makers based in Bombay.

Though my research interests have changed from digital images and visual culture to a broader digital studies and digital culture, I closely follow emerging trends in digital photography and digital image software. I also continue to pursue photo documentation, occasional film photography and experiments with light.

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